A National Call to Action

Did you catch it? Mixed in all the commercials during the Super Bowl was a call to action.

Verizon kicked off the #OneMoreSunday Campaign which calls all NFL fans to utilize the 30 Sunday’s between now and next season to volunteer. Verizon and Points of Light even provide a search engine to find opportunities near you.

As someone who has devoted their life to volunteerism, I am anxiously watching to see the public’s reaction.

In the Midwest, the culture of helping out your neighbor still holds strong even as the world keeps changing. We see youth volunteering outside of school to gain skills, young professionals volunteering to network, families volunteering together, parents helping out at religious or sports events, and retirees spending their days busy with a variety of volunteer commitments.

But I want to ask, can we do more?

This campaign frames volunteerism as something that we all struggle to find time for, which I think we can all relate to. Is there one thing you could give up to volunteer and give back to the community?

Maybe take a working lunch once a month and join a local Board of Directors? Skip the Netflix binge session and help at an event. Or as the campaign suggests signup for a reoccurring volunteer shift every Sunday afternoon.

Even just an hour here or there can make a difference to a local community member.

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