From webinars, to hands-on training, each session can be customized. We can also create custom training sessions on any topic relevant to your organization. These are the three most popular:

Linda Listen!

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Do you remember the viral video “Linda, Listen”? Have you ever felt like you were in one of those conversations that would just never end? In this session I will share how to get started having these difficult conversations and provide templates/worksheets for planning and documenting.

Rural Volunteerism

Planning a Path Forward

The challenges facing rural volunteer programs are being exasperated due to the everchanging societal landscape in 2020.

You will leave this session with tools and resources to begin tackling inequalities you see in your organization. Such as the need to recruit a younger volunteer base and how to adjust roles to address transportation or internet issues in our communities.

It’s a Win-Win!

Utilizing Volunteers in Meaningful Work

As organizations pivot to address the growing needs in our communities, we see more and more people beginning to volunteer but, in many cases, not being used to their full abilities.

The end goal, to have the right person in the role that is the most meaningful to them and impactful for the organization they serve. It’s a win-win!

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